Undergraduate Programs


We provide a practical and theoretical education in accounting, enabling you to make complex business decisions.


This program helps students develop the broad-based communication skill set that is in demand by media outlets, marketers, and advertising firms.


Students develop the ability to work with others effectively in professional settings and become skilled in using technology and information resources to make organizationally sound, socially responsible decisions at work.

Business Administration

Through close, working relationships with peers, instructors and mentors, we extend a spectrum of unprecedented circumstances for you to develop proficiency in interpersonal communication as well as business intelligence.

International Studies (International Trade)

This concentration boasts a holistic focus on global commerce, examining principles in business and economics as well as history and political science.

Prospective Students

We offer a variety of learning opportunities to tailor an environment that fits your needs.  Students who are interested in a traditional, campus-based, four-year program are encouraged to apply through the Admissions Office.  Students who wish to pursue an a degree through online, evening and hybrid courses are should apply through the PACE Undergraduate Program.  Please note that certain majors are only offered in select formats.

Undergraduate Program

Majors Offered

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Communication
  • International Studies –  International Trade

Program Characteristics

  • Campus-based, day courses
  • Two semesters per year


PACE Undergraduate Program

Majors Offered

  • Business Administration
  • Management

Program Characteristics

  • Accelerated evening and online courses
  • 10-week terms
  • Four terms per year