A Message from the Dean

Imagine a school where what you learn in class is less for passing tests and more for having an impact, where you learn by doing and what happens in a course today can make a difference for what happens in your workplace tomorrow and in your career for years to come.

Imagine a school where you develop ongoing working relationships with faculty who come from top-ranked universities and have business experience in a wide variety of organizations, where you have dedicated teachers and mentors you can turn to for help in the future because of the connection you have developed with them today.

Imagine a school where you learn as much from your classmates as you do from your instructors. They come from not only Hawai’i but across the Pacific and around the world. Their diverse experiences and perspectives enrich your time in class, while their common “aloha spirit” supports everyone’s achievement and well-being.

That’s exactly the kind of place you’ll find in Chaminade’s School of Business and Communication. And it will give you opportunities and enhance your results in ways that would be hard to match elsewhere. Here you’ll often see faculty talking with students one-on-one to discuss career plans, engaging with project teams about their latest work, and meeting with organizations about areas needing help.

By the time they graduate, every one of our undergraduate students has had major-related work experience. Every one of our graduate students has learned things in class that they can use at work the next day. And all have had the chance to enhance their professional skills while serving the community.

As a result, nearly every year we have a communication student selected among the most promising minority advertising students nationally by the American Advertising Federation. Our business students have been finalists in the national case competition sponsored by The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) each year they’ve participated, and they won the competition in 2013. And our accounting students outpace national pass rates on the CPA exam.

More importantly, our students have helped many community organizations develop strategic plans, provided low income tax clinics on Oahu and the neighbor islands, assisted parents of college-bound high school students navigate federal financial aid forms, and helped elementary school students develop financial literacy.

In Chaminade’s School of Business and Communication, our measure of accomplishment is making a difference for our students and the community. I invite you to explore the programs and resources we offer that can make all the difference for you.

Scott Schroeder, Ph.D.
Dean of the School of Business & Communication